Before going natural hair with different styles of hair

I remember while growing up I tried all kinds of hair style. The first hair style went was with pressing my hair with hot comb to straighten my hair. That hot comb use scared me a lot. The second hair style that went through was jerry curled hair style. That we had keep on do each six months. The third hair style was hair briaded with hair piece. The four hair style jerry curled to straight hair. For the straight hair had use hair relaxing products. The relaxing hair product I hate them and burning my hair. And final hair style went into
go all natural which my choice last year. That was big chop transfer from relaxed hair into natural. Few month ago was year of going all natural. Natural is taking a lot of hard work. In fact had keep on putting on creams in my hair keep health.  In fact I don’t have any photos my hair style of past but see some in natural hair page of what use look like and take look hair looks now look at Instgram page.  Add some pictures of natural looks now. If you have a tips for me taking care my hair now. Free leave a comment below.


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