Great Deals 3

The other day I went shopping at the find some workout shoes and tops. So went to JCP the other day found some shoes and some shirts for great prices around 0.97 to 29.99 in fact I got four shirts at $0.97 each and shoes for $14.97. I do believe that JC penny has great deals that you should really go out there find stuff that are out of style. In fact if they are out of style you can create look with them. Out or in style it’s your choice not someone that you shopping with. In fact I have different taste of clothes then my mom.  Here are the items shoes and shirts.


Workout shoes just for $14.97


Shirt number one at $0.97


Shirt number two for same price at $0.97


Shirt number three for same price at $0.97


Final shirt for same price at $0.97

If you guys find great deals like this be should give me pictures on your instgram. Hope you all have a blessed day.


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