Spring Colors for makeup

If you’re wondering what this spring’s makeup trends will be, here’s the inside scoop. Get ready for coral lips, pastel hues and coppery gold eyes.

Makeup artist and owner of The Vanity Lounge, Edward Sanchez, says makeup this season is all about soft colors. Here are his favorite spring 2014 makeup trends:Coral Lips

Make sure you don’t buy lipstick that’s too sheer. The trend is a very thick lipstick. You want to see the color and you want to see its vibrancy. 

Look for a shade based on your skin tone. Be sure that it doesn’t bring out too much yellow in your skin. 

You don’t need a lip liner because the opacity of the lipstick will probably be a lot denser than the lip liner itself. 

Smudged Eye Liner

The way to describe it is like the night you forgot to take off your makeup and how you woke up the next day. 

All you need is a soft, black eye pencil. Apply it to the water line and make it smudgy by squeezing your eyes shut. 

Finish the look by adding eye liner on the top and mascara. 

Clouds of Pastel Eye Makeup

Clouds of pastels, or puffs of pastels, are colors that go all over the lid. All you want to do is take a little bit of pastel and actually overlay it onto the look you currently have. 

Lavender is great for skin tones that have a little bit more yellow. Mint-colored shadow is great for people with blonde hair who have a little more pink in their skin. Mango is great for everybody. 

The key to this look is to apply the color on the ball of the eye and in the crease without making it look overdone. 

Rachel Gower, Owner of The Upper Hand Salon, has her favorite spring trends as well. 

“Makeup this spring is all about fresh looks, dewy skin, and beautiful colors. It’s great time to experiment with some new things,” she says. 

Lilac Lips

The hot color of the season is always set by the Pantone Color Institute. This year it’s a combination of violet tulip and radiant orchid. The best way to see this trend is on the lips. 

If you want a bold look, try MAC’s Heroine. Because it’s such a pigmented color, start with MAC’s Prep and Prime product first. This will help it stay all day and not bleed. 

If that’s too much color, try Maybelline’s Elixir line in Vision in Violet. This will give you that same idea of the violet lip but it will be sheer and shiny. 

Pinks Lips

If you love the bold look, go with MAC’s Saint Germaine. If you really want the true color, start with a little concealer on your lips then apply your lip color. 

If you love the pink but can’t do that opaque matte look, try Revlon’s’ Color Burst in Cotton Candy. 

Copper and Gold Eye Makeup

Another really beautiful trend this season is a creative combination of copper and gold on the eye. Whether you want a runway look or something more subtle, there’s one product you’ll need: LORAC 3-D Liquid Luster. 

Start with a taupe eye shadow on the inner and outer corners of the lid. Apply an orangey shadow to the center of the lid. Gently tap the gold Liquid Luster on top of the orange shadow. You can also put some on the inner corner of the eye. Finish with liner and mascara.


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