Is Strong The New Skinny?

I think topic for must read for all women to read this.

Born To Blossom

In our society, it is no longer a secret that thin is the standard of beauty for women. In recent months, a new trend has developed among social media sites. This movement has spread world-wide among gym-goers, and is labeled with the slogan “strong is the new skinny” (hereafter SINS). This catchphrase, while still a minority in an ocean of “thinspiration” media, is gaining popularity and has transpired controversy between those who adamantly oppose this new slogan, and those who advocate for it wholeheartedly.

Kristen Fleming explored this new trend in this article from the New York Post by interviewing cross-fit enthusiasts, who share three positive elements of SINS: gaining physical strength, increased wellbeing, and sex appeal. Liz Varga’s and Mailyn Raymundo’s profiles evidence the effect this new strong-woman image creates. Fleming repeatedly emphasizes that the women undergoing cross-fit training are aiming to gain—not lose—weight. The women interviewed bear testimonies…

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One thought on “Is Strong The New Skinny?

  1. I feel a certain type of way about this. “Thinspiration” This is dangerous. All women are not supposed to be thin. Some of us are curvy, some thick, and some thin. We all have to define ourselves as beautiful. But, different than the next….


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