How to Clean Out Your Closet

1. Clear the Floor
Get everything off the floor so you can actually see what you have.


2. Separate clothes into four piles:

  • Keep  you like them, your wear them, you feel comfortable in them, you look good in them
  • Sell – classic pieces in good condition, pieces that are in-style/in-season, designer pieces
  • Donate – items that are more trendy, not your style, slightly worn
  • Ditch — clothes with irreparable tears, holes, loose threads, or that appear very worn


3. Create a “Go-To” Section
Create a section right in the front of your closet for those items you wear the most, such as your wardrobe staples, most-worn shoes and most-used handbags. This helps you dress quickly when you need to get out the door.


4. Color Code Clothes
Arrange hanging clothes according to color.


5. Boots Use manila folders to keep their form. Roll them corner to corner and stick in shaft of boot so the boot stands up. Hang boots on a skirt/pant hanger by clips. Make sure toes point inward to keep weight even and hanging straight.


6. Accessories
To keep them from getting tangled, hang on jewelry hooks. Hang hats on nails.


7. Find Alternate Storage
Use your suitcases or under-bed boxes to store items you don’t use every day or seasonal clothes.


8. Stop shopping.
Kesha recommends a 90-day break from shopping after you clean out your closet. After re-organizing, you may find you have everything you need already inside!

Where I found my research on the live well network. But I think its good way to keep your closet organize for spring and summer. In fact I sometime redo my closet each year so I do by season for each outfit that I have.



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