Who is my style icon?

   My style icon was my mom while growing up. Growing up lost taste in my mom style. I totally going revamped my look as getting older I love how Kelly Rowland dress age well. We shopping looking for an outifit that stars wear on the red carpet or normal like us. In fact you don’t have dress up if you lots of money. You look at clothing that went out style so not true. See clothes that make it own look on it. I have thing for trying out my way. Look at this girl wearing something old person would wear. Try block that negative out of your head. First of all find something that yells out you like mark down in clearance out fashion who cares make it your own. In fact you work with clothes started from clearance to normal price. For example you found top that was about 0.97 at store that you never shop at that much and see same top at another store twice price. In fact you got top the less money than other you glad you got it. 
       Now back subject who is my style icon my mom back then and now it’s Kelly Rowland. I impress how she dress now. In fact my style icon is Kelly Rowland but it sometimes changes within year by different celebrity. In fact am my own style icon I love trying out different kind style that went out. Just love mixing very thing up with accessories or make them match with clothes. Even with clothes got have makeup that goes with your look.  In fact I could go on Who is my Style IconMake your personal style not by following celebrity that you get your look. I do it for yourself. 




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