Review Cover Girl BB Cream


In fact this is my first product being review and hoping for my reviews in the future. Here is my review on Cover Girl BB Cream I try this cream out on Monday.  As I realize that I have kept on reapplying the cream very two hours thing its kind of lame that you have adding back on your face. I think with Cover Girl they should make a BB cream that last more than two hours that you don’t have to reapply again. That I really love this product good for the summer without add the liquid foundation for during the summer. I think anyone can use it for the summer. I will give Cover Girl BB Cream about three and half stars for their product.  Hoping that they will improvement with their product BB cream done the road. I think Cover Girl is doing good jobs with their products.  In fact am hoping that they would make a face wash line for all skin types and should have one for matching your eyes with products.  Their web site all of things that would help us a long the way.  Lots things that are like  Cover Girl BB cream and don’t be fear to try it on. Be should compare with other companies am just going to do one at the time. I think am going to buy this product for the summer months and use other things for other seasons. Hope you guys like my review on Cover Girl BB cream and give it a try. 


If you guys need a review of products that you want me to buy or try out leave a comment below let me know. 


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