Getting inspired

The one thing that I notice about myself is that give people advise never met them in real life. Kind feel like a big sister to people. In fact I have a little sister advice too and would name who. It feels like whenever feeling down I needed think positive. Some of friends make fun of me do my writing in a journal. Writing kind of helps thought bad and good times on life. If I want to go out somewhere my mom wants to come too. In fact living in same place for five years getting blame. I want to fall in love, starting a family. But guess god plans for me helping others out. Going down the wrong path after I did something dumb twice. Got this wake up call that need change my life. Keep on having this dreams with myself telling me something about destiny. At first didn’t believe at young age and now present do believe. In fact our life we going though the hard times for example losing that you super close to. Take a hard time to heal and move forward.  Each day I would love starting something new each week and leaving the bad memories far behind me. That is never the case. If you notice that one of your friends is having a bad ass day try to cheer with up again and put smile on their faces.  Just have faith for a better tomorrow. Hopefully I would writing getting inspired once a week or month for this blog. 


Quote of the day is:





One thought on “Getting inspired

  1. Love this! Positivity and success is indeed contagious! I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be nominating you for a 3 days, 3 quote challenge! Kindly see my latest post for details should you choose to partake.Thanks! 🙂


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