Health detox smoothie

I was searching on the internet to see if  I could find health detox drink to clean out my system with all the junk have been eating lately. That was until have found a good web that gives you green drink smoothie for beginner to try.  Here is the recipe that am will give it a tired of this summer but haven’t made it yet.



Makes 32oz | 2 Servings


2 oranges (peeled & frozen is best!)
1 banana (peeled & frozen is best)
2 cups spinach (tightly packed)
1 tsp ground vanilla (ground vanilla bean is best and can be found in your supermarkets spice section)
2 cups almond milk


1. Unless you’ve got a really powerful blender like a vitamin or a blended, it’s a good idea to blend up your greens with some of the almond milk and then add the remainder of your ingredients and blend again. This helps to create an ultra smooth consistency – which makes this smoothie taste even better.
2. Using frozen bananas also helps to create a delicious milk-shake-like consistency, so we recommend peeling and freezing your bananas beforehand.
* If one of the ingredients above doesn’t suit your taste buds then try a substitution! Mango’s are a great option for bananas – otherwise, check out how to make your own recipes with our beginners guide – the Green Smoothie Formula.
Though that was kind of cool that let you join do the detox with them for thirty days. In fact I haven’t started anything yet.  I know for the fact I will give something try if I want to have healthy lifestyle down the road. The real reason I wanted to become do my family heath history. If you think of good workout for this journey will giving it a try. I really need to push myself and not quit and have this drive.

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