August Ipsy Bag review

                                                              August Ipsy Bag

I would say that I really like the bag. In fact have seen lot of  people review some of the items that they got in their bag. There is some items that am that am loving in this bag. 


 This beauty bag I used for now for all my nail tools when I can do manicure and such.  I though this bag can be use not just for makeup with others things that you have.


Urban Decay Preversison

I will give it five of five stars for good product. In fact I haven’t used it yet that it’s a good product use.


Mongongo Lip Conditioner


When I used this product for my lips at night-time. Kinda do a good job but I hated that you have to reapply the chapstick twice. I give this product two out five stars for this item.


Forever Blush

In fact I hadn’t used the product at all. So I decided to give it to my cousin to see if she would product. In fact I was this item was little bigger. I give three out five stars.


Clear Ultra light Daily Mattifying fluid

This one main products that I really love. I started to use this product right way and used it twice a day. I will give five out five stars for good product. Hoping get more products like this.


Silk Kajal Eye Pencil


I though it was a good product to use for my eyes. I give five out five stars. Going use very soon. Show my look with using product.


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