New Year’s Resolution Goals for 2015

Hey guys!

It’s been while since my last post during this holiday season. So am gearing up to writing up my New Year’s Resolution Goals for 2015. I think am going make this thing for every year before hitting the New Year.  Christmas has been very good this year. There was lot from list that didn’t do. Hopefully by the New Year should start. 

Here is my list for 2015

  1. Learn more about makeup ( learning something like that on my phone)
  2. Get fit (In fact am having a hard time burning off outer thigh fat from my legs)
  3. Fall in love (I know falling in love is hard finding someone)
  4. Blog more (In fact am having hard time coming up with topics)
  5. Travel to see more place around the world
  6. Read more books that related makeup, and other topic
  7. Become more motivation
  8. No more sweets
  9. Go back to school learn about hair and makeup
  10. Learn more about natural hair care
  11. Hoping get more opportunity from companies
  12. Do more favorites blog post down the road once a month
  13. Face my fear on driving in the highway (working on that)
  14. Having video an on YouTube (which means coming soon. Its working processing down the road)
  15. Wear more dress and heels
  16. Scarp booking
  17. Movies 
  18.  Eat more health food
  19. Become organized with date planner book 

If you guys any good blog topics or ideas I should blog about let me know in comment section below. I can’t believe my blog has been year since this past summer. Glad loyal readers on blog. Looking forward to see you all in New Year.  Just a the greatest year so far see you in next blog. 

                             Lots of love,

                  Inner Beauty Diva


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Goals for 2015

  1. Falling in love isn’t as hard as it seems, finding someone who loves you back is the hard part x_x well in my experience lol. I hope you get your New Year’s resolutions done 🙂


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