Hiatus but back now

Hey guys,

It’s has been a long time since a blog on here. Few like a have been all end month of January and all of February. I hadn’t done any blogging and just moved back into my home. I have been trying to come up with blog topics for you guys. Sorry am haven’t been on here. Life has been very crazy for me. Just have been working non stop a job and reading my book The Fault in our Stars. That I have been loving this winter months. Hoping that I would do a month favorites for this month.  I loving so many different products, and I got myself a nail wheel so I see what colors that I have own in nail polish. In fact I didn’t get a boyfriend for myself so am not going follow my goal of 2015 anymore. Just going trying out lots of things see which is going to for myself. In fact am been more focus on getting into shape and other stuff.  My February favorites would be out on my next blog and in fact I didn’t have any favorites in January. Just can’t believe that we’re in the third month of two thousand fifteen. I guess time is going by so fast. In fact its feels good back blog. Just be on the look out for next blog. Be sure to follow me on my other social media sites. Have a wonderful night.

Lots of love,

Inner Beauty Diva


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