Wish List

Wish list


Do you have a wish list of beauty products that you want to try out. Am going to give you guys my dream wish list of products that I want to try out. So I would be countdown from ten to the most outstanding product to try out. Am thinking about once while wish list blog once a month.

Starting with number ten

10. Tarlette 

 I think that I would good product to use all year around.

9. Contour Cream Kit

It’s one products that YouTube beauty gurus were talking about. That you can use on any skin type you use it. I was big Sephora store at my mall. This lady says that I didn’t need to contour my face. What would happen if you keep on try to people of color that they don’t need to contour.


8. Naked on the Run

With this product to good use if you’re traveling, or getting ready for a date. In fact I wish that they add a foundation sample with Naked on the run.

7. Ardell eyelash

Good for making your eyelash pop out.

Ardell 110 Multi Pack

6. Mia-Skin Cleansing skin Good for taking off more your makeup off your face.

5. Spa Mat- It great an ideal for washing brushes. Like giving them a deep clean wash.

4.  Alter Ego Eye shadow Palette by Lorac

Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in DREAM GIRL 4099-DREAM

3. Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit Cosmetics - roller lash #benefitbeauty

2. Luxie Rose Gold Five piece brush set

1. It cosmetics Brow power pencil


Just would you guys my wish list and hope see yours. In fact I had fun writing down this blog for you. It took a long time to search which product that I wanted to add my list. Be on a look out for my next coming blog.



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