10 Beauty things you need

Here are the ten things that you would need to do. Just giving a some quick tips on how beauty product would help you out on your health skin care and other help for tools long the way.

1. You would need to always wash your face twice or three days

2. Always apply toner to your face during each season this would help prevent acne or you don’t have use it

3. Apply moisturizer

4.  Apply primer face before using foundation

5. Give your facial mask before bedtime like a spa for yourself

6. Drinks a lot of water daily

7. Tweeze your eyebrows once a month and not to over it

8.  Use makeup remover to makeup off your face to do it daily and try not to forget

9.  Try-out new makeup looks that someone never did before

10. Try-out a new product that you wanted to out

Just hope this would beauty journey along the way. These are my tips that am going given you guys. I just wish something like this would help me if someone wrote this. Be sure share this tips with girlfriends, family members and so on.  Once month would update a list like that I would add-on to it or you guys make our list share with people on here. 


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