Maybelline Better Skin Foundation

Maybelline Better Skin foundation

In fact am doing a mini review on foundation that am trying out for three weeks challenge with influenster. So they mailed me a product to test on my face for three weeks using it on my face.  When I first using week that started using it got on my face. The formula applied good onto my face very easy after add a setting powder. I think ideal for summer or going back to school. This product some of does smears on somethings but doesn’t come off.


Maybelline® Superstay Better Skin Foundation

In fact I will challenge you guys to take three-week challenge to try to out.  Fact I would give this product five out five stars.  This product that I would use for all seasons. Think great product use if your starting out your makeup collection of foundations.  I would try out the concealer that goes with product. Just let me know if you did the three-week challenge by influester or just did this on your own.  Hopefully hear what kinda of ratings that you give this product.


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