Happy first week of November

Hey guys!

Haven’t been posting a blog lately, just have been busy with so much stuff. In fact am busy working on next blog which is going be out really soon. Just have been trying out products or maybe writing down some ideas for my blog. Am planning make a schedule when am going post a new blog. I think starting posting a blog one or three days a week so I get back into writing once again on here.  So am still going have my reviews on products, monthly favorites, and so many other. If you want me writing something that heard a product that you really write a review on feel free leave a message on here.   Also working on giveaway in the near future or maybe next month. Gearing up for school for the next few months ahead. I will show you guys what got in my kit when get it and mini school suplies.  And am working on another blog which going to be part of my blog be talking about my beauty school experience and its going talking about my passion. My life has been hard for get back into writing once more. Going mini series on here that am going to be so different on my blog.  Be on lookout for my next blogs in couple of days ahead. In fact just the beginning of a new month and hopeful next blog be review some products that am testing out.



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