Decluttering old makeup mini review

Hey loves,

Am back again with blog. Would be on my decluttering out old makeup that I don’t even use anymore.  So am going have a mini review on each product that I used and don’t use in time. Can’t believe didn’t have a lot of products that was throwing away.


The first products that am decluttering out from makeup collection is thirty Ambi CC cream. I tried it out during the last summer. I thought application of putting it on face was great applying for face. But downside of this CC cream that you have to reapply it very two hours when you’re out. I really didn’t like that part. Give this two out five stars. I would say don’t waste your money on this creamy foundation. The second product which got in box swap with my friend in New Hampshire. I got other products that came in with ELF products.  The ELF product didn’t have the chance on using the mascara thought it would good for someone on go that didn’t have time to apply on the go or do in the bathroom at work. In fact some of these products that am decluttering out makeup storage and am just cleaning out stuff for the winter. In fact its my first time decluttering makeup products and also doing panning out products that I using finish using. Hope this decluttering helps you guys on cleaning out your old makeup products that you don’t us anymore. It’s great thing to pass it on to someone else to use it or throw it way. In fact be on the look on for February with lots of thing beginning work with.  You’ll really would love things. In fact I didn’t want review all the products that I was decluttering out makeup mini collection.  Be should be on a look out for next week blog which be coming out soon.


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