Flat Top Brush Review

Flat Top Brush

Hey guys!

Am back once again with another review of product have been loving in this last month. In fact I haven’t been blogging a lately do with school. So am going to give you guys a review on product that I have been using recently been using more than a few days are so. I think this product is great for applying your foundation with. I would recommend that you get this brush and give it a try.  Thing price point for this product is right on and not over price or anything. It would great thing add if you’re a beginner that is starting out with makeup for the first time.  This product is one of items that I would adding to Makeup Brushes on a Budget. It would add to the list for the next coming out blog which is tomorrow. What other makeup brushes makes the cut. At least you know this flat top brush from  Wet and Wild is going to be on the list. Just you guys give this brush a try-out on using it. Get it any drugstore,  grocery store or check online. Hopefully pick it up give your own choice buy or not.  Looking see you in the next blog.


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