What is in my Car Makeup Bag Edition

Hey Divas,

Am back with the new blog called What’s in my car’s makeup bag edition. So I have a makeup bag that I keep in my car for all season. But this summer I had taken out my makeup bag out of my car the weather here in Michigan has been so hot into the 90’s. In fact, I haven’t been wearing makeup during long summer months and also since I been with school. The products that I have in my makeup bag some simple essentials that I don’t use in my daily that I some products that I had repurchased used again.

The makeup bag that I use to store makeup in Victoria’s Secret makeup bag

Use a clear makeup bag inside my makeup to store my brushes into.

The brushes that I have inside clear makeup case

I have ELF Lash and Brow Brush,


ELF Foundation Brush,

ELF Blush Brush,

ELF Small Stipple Brush

and a  Real Technique Shading Brush

In fact, I have two lipsticks a red and pink one, eye primer, brow pencil, brow gel, a travel size mascara, eyeshadow pencil, and concealer stick. Also inside the side pockets which include a blush powder, finishing powder, foundation stick, and mini travel size mirror.  What know if you guys keep your own makeup bag inside your car? I would love to read the products that you have.  This blog isn’t sponsored by ELF or other products that I have inside my makeup bag the Car edition.  Hopefully, by then I would be reading all about it.  If you want to review one of the items or different topic let me know.  I will take a picture


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