Aqua Beauty Primer Mist Review

Hey Divas,

Am back again from a long month hiatus from you guys, in fact, I had my choice of the first full week in August am going give you guys a review on the product I have been loving so much of. Have you heard of ELF Aqua Primer Mist from other beauty gurus that say that they don’t like this product? While I have news for you guys that really need add this product with products that you travel with and add to your collection use every day. When I tried out for the first time had left my face not feeling greasy but had some wet droplets on your face. If you had that I think you get a beauty blender and press it into the skin. This product left my makeup last all day and I didn’t have to retouch up into between the hours. Would I remand this product to someone?  Yes because think it’s a good you could use after applying your makeup and don’t listen to YouTubers. Just buy it for yourself see if you like it or not. Just can’t believe there are some many different kinda of makeup setting sprays out there that you could find that you really love or not. Here are some that I see at their drugstores I would show you guys buy pictures. The one makeup brand company that I wished that had a setting spray is Cover Girl, Flower Beauty and other drugstores products. I really love some of their products I sometimes can’t find something that I could use with my face, and so on. I could go talk about this brand but I will be review other products within this line next few months ahead. There are so many setting sprays out there that you play around and see what you like. With this primer mist, you could primer your face before applying your makeup on your face. Here is a quick tip if you’re applying your primer to your face try to use a beauty sponge apply to your face before adding foundation. Hope this review help decide on it or not.

Milani Spring 2017 - Milani Make It Last Setting Spray Prime + Correct + Set


Summer Makeup Essentials - Summer Beauty Products - Seventeen


59 Drugstore Products Hollywood's Top Makeup Artists Love #refinery29 The Expert: Makeup artist Beau NelsonClients: Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev"L'Oréal's setting spray locks makeup into place, keeping it fresh for hours,” Nelson tells us. "It's amazing for hot, humid weather and particularly useful for oilier ...

Loreal Paris

Photo Focus™ Setting Spray. The best setting spray I've ever used! Controls my oily skin break outs and makes my makeup feel fresh on my face!

Wet n Wild

Maybelline® Face Studio Master Fix Setting Spray - Translucent

Maybelline New York

Looking to get a hydrating glow? Pixi's Glow Mist is infused with argan oil, and just one shake mixes it with a face-soothing spray. Spritz it on, and you'll be instantly revived. #refinery29


Physicians Formula #InstaReady Setting Spray

Physicians Formula

e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set


15 Under-$10 Beauty Buys At Ulta #refinery29 This refreshing pink facial mist is packed with skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera juice, rosewater, and thyme leaf extract.Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, $7, available at Ulta Beauty....

Mario Badescu

The product: Essence Keep it Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray ($5) Why we want it: There are a few products we ...


Want the London look? Rimmel London offers a revolution with the Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go Primer & Setting Spray with #INSTA Fix & Go, that can be applied underneath or over the top of your...

Rimmel London

Loves this! Sets makeup perfectly, and is affordable too. Best makeup setting spray for me.


Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray

Makeup Revolution

Studio Pro Makeup Setting Spray

BH Cosmetics

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray, 2.2 fl oz -

Hard Candy




Prepare for Generation Beauty

Hey Divas,

Am back again with a new update. Just have been MIA from writing blog since the last post. Have some news you guys that were going to Generation Beauty this weekend coming up. In fact, this is going be my first beauty event that is going to. So am packing up some items that going to use for my trip. Will have some packing some beauty products with me. I will have a next coming up blog with my experience on the event that takes place for two days. So you’re wondering what kind of items that I will be taking with me for my trip that will depend on the weather when am there.  Here is product that I will be taking my trip are brushes roll that carries my brushes and a bag that I will be carried some keep makeups with me.

Image result for soho beauty brushes roll case

In fact, these brushes roll carried all my brushes the last time I went on a trip. The brushes that have inside this case are foundation duel face, blush, powder and so many others.

Image result for victoria secret makeup bag

This makeup bag that I carried my makeup products that am taking with me.  I some mix of high makeup products to drug products.

I don’t want to over packed with some much makeup products. Hopefully, I would post so photographs or blog which going on here in my experience or YouTube channel. Feel write your questions on products I will be taking with me. Just have a choice of nail colours am going to be going wearing on my hands. So make with brand new blog next week.

What is in my Car Makeup Bag Edition

Hey Divas,

Am back with the new blog called What’s in my car’s makeup bag edition. So I have a makeup bag that I keep in my car for all season. But this summer I had taken out my makeup bag out of my car the weather here in Michigan has been so hot into the 90’s. In fact, I haven’t been wearing makeup during long summer months and also since I been with school. The products that I have in my makeup bag some simple essentials that I don’t use in my daily that I some products that I had repurchased used again.

The makeup bag that I use to store makeup in Victoria’s Secret makeup bag

Use a clear makeup bag inside my makeup to store my brushes into.

The brushes that I have inside clear makeup case

I have ELF Lash and Brow Brush,


ELF Foundation Brush,

ELF Blush Brush,

ELF Small Stipple Brush

and a  Real Technique Shading Brush

In fact, I have two lipsticks a red and pink one, eye primer, brow pencil, brow gel, a travel size mascara, eyeshadow pencil, and concealer stick. Also inside the side pockets which include a blush powder, finishing powder, foundation stick, and mini travel size mirror.  What know if you guys keep your own makeup bag inside your car? I would love to read the products that you have.  This blog isn’t sponsored by ELF or other products that I have inside my makeup bag the Car edition.  Hopefully, by then I would be reading all about it.  If you want to review one of the items or different topic let me know.  I will take a picture

Fourth of July nail design and outfit

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I’m back with another blog.  Know some of you guys have a holiday in the United States called Fourth of July. Here are the tools that you need to make for a perfect nail look for Fourth of July. Whenever you adding colour on your nails make sure you give yourself a manicure after you are all done with that. In fact, I will tell you basic on manicure in next future blog post which is coming out really soon which includes pictures of the items going step by step.

Here are tools that you need:

Base Coat

So you have design holding up your colour of polish in place so it doesn’t mess up your natural nails.


Red Polish

OPI Classic Collection Nail Lacquer, Big Apple Red- .5 fl oz


White Polish


Blue Glitter Polish

And finally, a top coat to seal your design.

Red White and Cute Nails from Wondrously Polished - <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23ManicureMonday" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23ManicureMonday&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#ManicureMonday search Pinterest">#ManicureMonday</a> Number 1

Nehty s trikolorou - stačí trocha tématických třpytek nebo zdobení! Number 2

Forth Of July Nails:  Number 3

If you don’t have an outfit for Fourth of July Fest activities here some ideas nice summer day.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at  Outfit number 1


4th of July outfit idea. Perfect for those ladies who dont like to wear heels wedges or sandals.:  Outfit number 2


Be check out the next blog in a few days from now and follow me on my other social media sites to see the scenes of the blog being made, makeup deals and others. Have the safe weekend and Monday.

Canada Nail Design and outfit

Hey Divas,

I’m back from long hiatus from blogging and I will talk about that later in next coming up the blog in few weeks.  Know some of you guys have a holiday in Canada called Canada Day. Here are the tools that you need to make for a perfect nail look for Canada Day. Whenever you adding color on your nails make sure you give yourself a manicure after you are all done with that. In fact, I will tell you basic on manicure in next future blog post which is coming out really soon which includes pictures of the items going step by step.

Here are tools that you need:

Base coat

So you have design holding up your color of polish in place so it doesn’t mess up your natural nails.

Red Polish

OPI Classic Collection Nail Lacquer, Big Apple Red- .5 fl oz

White Polish

Also, a dotting tool making your maple leaf on your nails.

Klutz: Nail Style Studio - Extra Dotting Tool

And finally, a top coat to seal your design.

Canada Day Nail Design 2014:

If you don’t have an outfit your Canada Fest activities here some ideas nice summer day.


Outfit #1



"Canada Day Outfit #2" by leopardcouture8 on Polyvore:


In fact, you can wear any type of clothes that you’ll wear for the holiday if you’re living in Canada. Hope you’ll have a great holiday to our neighbors up north. Have a great Canada Day.

The flag of Canada was officially adopted on February 15,1965.The Canadian Red Ensign,bearing the Union Jack and the shield of the royal arms of Canada,was lowered and then,on the stroke of noon,the new maple leaf flag was raised.The crowd sang the national anthem O Canada, followed by the royal anthem, God Save the Queen.The stylish red maple leaf has been the national symbol of Canada for over 150 years. Red and white are the official colors of Canada, proclaimed by King George V in 1921.:

Happy Canada Day!

Hopefully, I will see you in next new blog and kinda same ideas that include American holiday. I will let you know posting the schedule for next month. Have a nice day.



Simple DIY brush cleaner

Hey Divas,

Am back again with something new series that I would simple easy DIY brush cleaner. All you would need is an empty jar , pump bottle spray bottle and tube that you find in the beauty department  in the store. These products that you can use

Image result for empty travel jars

Empty jar

Pump bottle







Make sure you fill each product up with 1/2 cup of olive oil and a 2 to 5 teaspoon of dish soap  and you can also add some water about a 1/4 cup.  That you can add to the product. If you don’t have none of two ingredients you can use makeup remover liquid into the mix.

Olive Oil

Dish Soap





If you don’t have any of those product I would say use your makeup remover products that you own to take off your makeup off your brushes.  Hope you’ll give this simple DIY a try. Back again with another new blog soon. Good luck on making these easy product.

Makeup Brushes on Budget

Hey Divas,

Here is a list of brushes that wouldn’t break your bank money. I thought of a way that is budget friendly for your wallet and seen this on someone else blog, You know all these high-end brushes from Mac, Sigma, and so many others. We don’t need to buy some of these high-end brushes for doing are makeup each morning or night. I don’t know why makeup beginners  go for the less price of makeup brushes. I would describe what each brush what you can use them for daily routine.

e.l.f. Foundation Brush

ELF Foundation

I think this ELF foundation is great to add your brush collection for starting out.