Coming Soon

Hey Divas,

I haven’t been blogging in here for a well now. So am coming out with the new one that would be coming soon. Which  means that I will have a some surprise in store.  Follow me on my other social media sites. Am working  exciting things in the works. And am also going to tell you my experience in beauty school.  In fact am still going to review products here and there. Just going to be away for another few more weeks head and am going posting daily on here yet. So am working on the schedule that I would post.

Using my planner working on scheduling the posting.

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That means get see what am planning weeks ahead or answer some of your questions there.



Hope you guys have a wonderful night and good morning. I will be back blogging really soon.



New Goals for 2016

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been blogging lately just have been so busy dealing with school, work and including holidays. In fact am thinking about jazzing up my blog a little bit. Haven’t though of doing giveaway in the 2015 but didn’t going through with it. Hopefully down the road would be giveaway really soon. In fact am thankful for my different things in my life. Have started a new chapter in my life on going to beauty school studying to become a Nail Technician and in fact  starting letting go of my shy side of self. My goals I didn’t follow them last year and so am going make new goals for myself and here on my blog. In fact am willing on trying something new.

New Year’s Goals for 2016

  1. Finish up school on becoming a Nail Technician
  2. Pass State Boards
  3. Meet new friends
  4. Become organize with a planner
  5. Learn more about nail art
  6. Blogging more (as I can)
  7. Start fitness journey
  8. Weekly review on product I have been using

Hope you all have a great New Year! Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to us.

                                    God Bless and lots of love,

                                    Inner Beauty Diva


Hiatus but back now

Hey guys,

It’s has been a long time since a blog on here. Few like a have been all end month of January and all of February. I hadn’t done any blogging and just moved back into my home. I have been trying to come up with blog topics for you guys. Sorry am haven’t been on here. Life has been very crazy for me. Just have been working non stop a job and reading my book The Fault in our Stars. That I have been loving this winter months. Hoping that I would do a month favorites for this month.  I loving so many different products, and I got myself a nail wheel so I see what colors that I have own in nail polish. In fact I didn’t get a boyfriend for myself so am not going follow my goal of 2015 anymore. Just going trying out lots of things see which is going to for myself. In fact am been more focus on getting into shape and other stuff.  My February favorites would be out on my next blog and in fact I didn’t have any favorites in January. Just can’t believe that we’re in the third month of two thousand fifteen. I guess time is going by so fast. In fact its feels good back blog. Just be on the look out for next blog. Be sure to follow me on my other social media sites. Have a wonderful night.

Lots of love,

Inner Beauty Diva

New Year’s Resolution Goals for 2015

Hey guys!

It’s been while since my last post during this holiday season. So am gearing up to writing up my New Year’s Resolution Goals for 2015. I think am going make this thing for every year before hitting the New Year.  Christmas has been very good this year. There was lot from list that didn’t do. Hopefully by the New Year should start. 

Here is my list for 2015

  1. Learn more about makeup ( learning something like that on my phone)
  2. Get fit (In fact am having a hard time burning off outer thigh fat from my legs)
  3. Fall in love (I know falling in love is hard finding someone)
  4. Blog more (In fact am having hard time coming up with topics)
  5. Travel to see more place around the world
  6. Read more books that related makeup, and other topic
  7. Become more motivation
  8. No more sweets
  9. Go back to school learn about hair and makeup
  10. Learn more about natural hair care
  11. Hoping get more opportunity from companies
  12. Do more favorites blog post down the road once a month
  13. Face my fear on driving in the highway (working on that)
  14. Having video an on YouTube (which means coming soon. Its working processing down the road)
  15. Wear more dress and heels
  16. Scarp booking
  17. Movies 
  18.  Eat more health food
  19. Become organized with date planner book 

If you guys any good blog topics or ideas I should blog about let me know in comment section below. I can’t believe my blog has been year since this past summer. Glad loyal readers on blog. Looking forward to see you all in New Year.  Just a the greatest year so far see you in next blog. 

                             Lots of love,

                  Inner Beauty Diva


Hey loves,

It’s has been a long time since I had blog here last time more the few days gone by. I have been busy working on the my job, get offers from companies, friends and getting into shape. On the special holiday which is tomorrow on Thanksgiving.  Am just wonderful what you guys are thankful for this season. I know there has been lots of drama going on news and around the world. Time remembers all the good memories and good times. Am thankful for this year is glad to life, wonderful followers here,Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Hopefully I would share more things with you more product reviews before Christmas and New Years.  Hopefully you guys have a great thanksgiving with friends and family.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Getting inspired

The one thing that I notice about myself is that give people advise never met them in real life. Kind feel like a big sister to people. In fact I have a little sister advice too and would name who. It feels like whenever feeling down I needed think positive. Some of friends make fun of me do my writing in a journal. Writing kind of helps thought bad and good times on life. If I want to go out somewhere my mom wants to come too. In fact living in same place for five years getting blame. I want to fall in love, starting a family. But guess god plans for me helping others out. Going down the wrong path after I did something dumb twice. Got this wake up call that need change my life. Keep on having this dreams with myself telling me something about destiny. At first didn’t believe at young age and now present do believe. In fact our life we going though the hard times for example losing that you super close to. Take a hard time to heal and move forward.  Each day I would love starting something new each week and leaving the bad memories far behind me. That is never the case. If you notice that one of your friends is having a bad ass day try to cheer with up again and put smile on their faces.  Just have faith for a better tomorrow. Hopefully I would writing getting inspired once a week or month for this blog. 


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