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Hey Divas,

I haven’t been blogging in here for a well now. So am coming out with the new one that would be coming soon. Which  means that I will have a some surprise in store.  Follow me on my other social media sites. Am working  exciting things in the works. And am also going to tell you my experience in beauty school.  In fact am still going to review products here and there. Just going to be away for another few more weeks head and am going posting daily on here yet. So am working on the schedule that I would post.

Using my planner working on scheduling the posting.

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That means get see what am planning weeks ahead or answer some of your questions there.



Hope you guys have a wonderful night and good morning. I will be back blogging really soon.



Simple DIY brush cleaner

Hey Divas,

Am back again with something new series that I would simple easy DIY brush cleaner. All you would need is an empty jar , pump bottle spray bottle and tube that you find in the beauty department  in the store. These products that you can use

Image result for empty travel jars

Empty jar

Pump bottle







Make sure you fill each product up with 1/2 cup of olive oil and a 2 to 5 teaspoon of dish soap  and you can also add some water about a 1/4 cup.  That you can add to the product. If you don’t have none of two ingredients you can use makeup remover liquid into the mix.

Olive Oil

Dish Soap





If you don’t have any of those product I would say use your makeup remover products that you own to take off your makeup off your brushes.  Hope you’ll give this simple DIY a try. Back again with another new blog soon. Good luck on making these easy product.

Makeup Brushes on Budget

Hey Divas,

Here is a list of brushes that wouldn’t break your bank money. I thought of a way that is budget friendly for your wallet and seen this on someone else blog, You know all these high-end brushes from Mac, Sigma, and so many others. We don’t need to buy some of these high-end brushes for doing are makeup each morning or night. I don’t know why makeup beginners  go for the less price of makeup brushes. I would describe what each brush what you can use them for daily routine.

e.l.f. Foundation Brush

ELF Foundation

I think this ELF foundation is great to add your brush collection for starting out.


Flat Top Brush Review

Flat Top Brush

Hey guys!

Am back once again with another review of product have been loving in this last month. In fact I haven’t been blogging a lately do with school. So am going to give you guys a review on product that I have been using recently been using more than a few days are so. I think this product is great for applying your foundation with. I would recommend that you get this brush and give it a try.  Thing price point for this product is right on and not over price or anything. It would great thing add if you’re a beginner that is starting out with makeup for the first time.  This product is one of items that I would adding to Makeup Brushes on a Budget. It would add to the list for the next coming out blog which is tomorrow. What other makeup brushes makes the cut. At least you know this flat top brush from  Wet and Wild is going to be on the list. Just you guys give this brush a try-out on using it. Get it any drugstore,  grocery store or check online. Hopefully pick it up give your own choice buy or not.  Looking see you in the next blog.

Outfit for Valentine’s Day

Hey Divas,

Can’t believe that we’re in February and just few more days way with Valentine’s Day. In fact of speaking of Valentine’s Day are you have a hard time finding a nice outfit for that special day or spending it with some girlfriends.  So I got some ideas to help you guys out for Valentine’s Day.

Outfit number 1

30 Cute Outfit ideas for Valentines Day 2015 - London Beep:

This outfit is something nice and simple if your going out with girlfriends just on the town. I thought the outfit was great idea wearing with gray top, blue jeans, sweater, red flats and thought with other accessories would bring the outfit together. 

Outfit number 2


Cute+Spring+Outfits | ... Day Outfit Ideas For Her – Cute Spring Styles & Fashion Blog Tip:

This outfit number two great going on date with your boyfriend. I think ideal for someone who doesn’t like dressing up in a dress. There is some of us that don’t like wearing dresses. I think wearing white pants,  white tank, blazer and rocking it with pair of red heals. This outfit makes you feel put together having a great with your love one. As for accessories that you can add to wear red earrings, bracelet, watch or ring for having the outfit pop-out.  

Outfit number 3

Valentine's Day Outfit Dresses For Women:

This final outfit for Valentine’s day is ideal for someone who loves wearing dress for their date night. I know with dress you can where anything that can still make it pop-out and make it work.  Am kinda loving the accessories that you can wear with the outfit. I feeling that purse can bring the dress together and same with shoes. 


   If you think these outfits are outfits helpful just leave a comment below. And I would be adding my Valentine’s Day ideas help you out which include gifts for him, her , makeup, and other lovely things. Hope you’ll have a great week ahead and be on look for the next blog which am starting working next. Just can’t say which blog would be next so be on a look out for it. Have a great happy February or just would call it the month of love. 

Decluttering old makeup mini review

Hey loves,

Am back again with blog. Would be on my decluttering out old makeup that I don’t even use anymore.  So am going have a mini review on each product that I used and don’t use in time. Can’t believe didn’t have a lot of products that was throwing away.


The first products that am decluttering out from makeup collection is thirty Ambi CC cream. I tried it out during the last summer. I thought application of putting it on face was great applying for face. But downside of this CC cream that you have to reapply it very two hours when you’re out. I really didn’t like that part. Give this two out five stars. I would say don’t waste your money on this creamy foundation. The second product which got in box swap with my friend in New Hampshire. I got other products that came in with ELF products.  The ELF product didn’t have the chance on using the mascara thought it would good for someone on go that didn’t have time to apply on the go or do in the bathroom at work. In fact some of these products that am decluttering out makeup storage and am just cleaning out stuff for the winter. In fact its my first time decluttering makeup products and also doing panning out products that I using finish using. Hope this decluttering helps you guys on cleaning out your old makeup products that you don’t us anymore. It’s great thing to pass it on to someone else to use it or throw it way. In fact be on the look on for February with lots of thing beginning work with.  You’ll really would love things. In fact I didn’t want review all the products that I was decluttering out makeup mini collection.  Be should be on a look out for next week blog which be coming out soon.

New Brush Set

New Brush Set


Hey loves, 

Am back again with another blog. Just want wish all a belated New Year’s  and hope you all have a great holidays season and spending with your family and friends.  Just got a brand new brush set that I got from Ipsy. It was good price they were selling it for eighteen dollars but retail brush that they were selling on there website was 69.95. I though It was great deal that Ipsy was selling that week.  Haven’t play around playing with brushes yet. So I would have to clean out the brushes before using them. I would give a you guys review of each brush have been using or just review on the whole set. It was good thing brush set has my favorite color.  I just hope this blog was helpful for getting your own brush set. We don’t need a lot of brushes for doing are makeup. Just have a great day adding to your collection. Be look flawless, and beautiful.