What’s inside my train case

Hey Divas,

Am back again with a brand new blog.  Here is what I have inside my OPI train case that has my daily nail products that go out with travel to practice with family and friends.  In fact, I love doing nails and I went to school to study nails. There is a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about nails and now I know. Okay sorry about that let’s get back to what inside OPI train case. I usually travel by basic products that I would need to put inside my OPI train case. 


        Train Case- this would storage your items that you would need to take with you.

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Tools that you need put inside the train case kinda basic and simple things that you’ll what inside. The first thing that you would need to have many colours of polish, and which would include a base and top coat of polish or you can get one that has all in one.  

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The second product wooden or metal or plastic cuticle pusher. In fact for the wooden cuticle pusher 

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I would also have a buffer block 

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With the buffer that you can your nails

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You will need a nail cleaning brush to clean the dirt under your nails


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Here is a cleaning up brush. This brush could be use for cleaning up your mistake that you have on the cuticle.

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Here is nail soap that you can use to soak your nails in or just washing them.


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Make sure that you’ll add some cream inside your kit.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, Maximum Strength 1 oz [074170214550]

Cuticle remover that could take, would help remove all dead skin from your nails.

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Make sure to add you cuticle oil inside your kit.


In fact that you could add some many different things with your kit. See you all in next new blog which is coming out soon.