New Year’s Goals

Hey Divas, 

Long time that I haven’t been blogging lately just been so busy brainstorming ideas for the New Year.  Just can’t believe how fast 2016 went by so quick. I have goals that am looking forward what 2017 has in store for me. In fact, am going to lots of new things that I have to this blog.  Would give you a list of my goals of twenty-seventeen this second time to do something like this on a blog and in fact I did one for the twenty-sixteen last year.  In fact, am planning on working on in between two months.

Goals for 2017

  1. Going to have a Facebook live event of myself showing my new discovering finds in makeup and other things
  2.  Join the gym
  3.  Practice dance steps by watching YouTube
  4.  Finding myself and loving me
  5. Pass test on both ends
  6. Have a staple blogging schedule
  7. Review products
  8.  Skin Care products I used
  9. Facebook live event a get ready with me
  10.  Live event of reviews and others


In fact, am going learning dance once again. I used to dance when early of my teenage years but I had stopped. So am going to talk about what my routine is.  I just want to wish you all a happy belated New Year. I just can’t wait what’s in store for me and you guys following me on my journey, 


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